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Marijana Matthäus was born on 27th September 1971 in Serbia. Simultaneously with her elementary school, she enrolled in and finished music school and took dancing lessons. She started her career as a model at the age of 15 and has been moving in the world of fashion to this day. She got married and gave birth to her first child, her daughter Dajana, at the age of 19. She began her studies in pedagogy, which she finished in record time, so she can proudly boast a university degree. Simultaneously with her studies, she ran the first Italian footwear shop in Novi Sad, where she successfully managed both wholesale and retail. She spent two years doing marketing for the MK Commerce company. At the age of 26, she gave birth to her son, Aleksandar, and at the age of 26, to her third child, her daughter, Angella. At the end of the 90s she ran the MK Group department store. On moving to Budapest, she continued working in the fashion industry.

The company "My Style" was founded in 2003 and it represents MM's trademark. "My Style" was created out of the desire to realize the opinions and wishes of her clients and was conceived not only as an idea regarding fashion, but of the entire look. She became active in business and apart from her business in Budapest, she expanded her enterprise by opening the "My Style" fashion studio in Salzburg.

She always stresses that she is primarily a mother of three, and only then a businesswoman. She actively uses four foreign languages. Her life revolves along the Budapest - Belgrade - London route, and she is working on creating her own brand and expanding her business to new cities.
She says: "I love fashion and I am part of it. It is necessary to have style, and style is what we ourselves are. Style is not a luxury if we carry it within ourselves."

She spends her spare time traveling and devotes every spare moment to her children.

Her motto is: "Being yourself, remaining yourself and true to yourself. Only thus can we always stay happy."